7 Reasons People Aren’t Entering Your Blog Giveaway

Lots of bloggers seem to think that if they throw a giveaway up on their blog, it will automatically bring in a lot of traffic and entrants. This simply is not the case.  All blog giveaways have the potential to boost traffic and readers – if they are done right. As the owner of a popular giveaway directory, I have… Read More »

Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income

Why You Need Multiple Streams of Income I think we have probably all heard the adage “don’t put all  your eggs in one basket.” This is especially helpful advice for people who work from home.  If you focus all your effort and attention on one source of income, it can be catastrophic if that income stream dries up.  This is exactly why… Read More »

5 Deadly Pinterest Sins – Are You Guilty?

Pinterest can be an amazing tool for your blog.  In fact Pinterest drives more than half of all the traffic to my three blogs each day and is always my top referrer when I look at my stats in Google Analytics.  If you are a craft or food blogger, Pinterest will most likely be essential to your success.… Read More »

My Work at Home Story

I didn’t set out to be a work at home mom, believe it or not.  I have a degree in the field of nutrition and am a registered and licensed dietitian.  I thought I would happily spend my career counseling moms in a WIC office somewhere.  Life had other ideas however. In 2009, I ruptured a disk in… Read More »